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Ex-deputy set to die Wednesday evening for Houston woman's slaying
Michael Griffith is scheduled to be executed for the murder of Deborah McCormick, while attemting to rob her 12 years ago, reports Allan Turner of The Houston Chronicle. The Texas AG's office issued an advisory in May chronicling the case which can be found here.

Delaware now faces criticism of it's Inmate Executions
Sean O'Sullivan of The News Journal reported on Sunday that attorneys representing inmates argue that "no one knows the exact procedure for executing inmates" and have filed a lawsuit.

Confession essential to case is thrown out
Sarah Lundy of The Orlando Sentinel reported that a murderer's confession will be thrown out because he was not informed of his rights.

Gay Inmate receives Conjugal Visits
Don Thompson of the AP reports that California is now allowing gay and lesbian inmates to receive overnight conjugal visits under the domestic partnership law. Randy Thomasson, President of the Campaign for Children and Families, objects to conjugal visits for both gay and straight inmates. They "are unsupervised...and the guards can't go in there" he said.

Uttecht v. Brown coverage from Charles Lane (welcome back) in the WashPost, David Savage in the LA Times, and Linda Greenhouse in the NYT.

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