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Free to Kill Again


In June 1973, in Alameda, California, Jesse R. Crisp murdered a 21-year-old sailor stationed on the USS Enterprise. California had no death penalty at the time.

Last Sunday, Crisp, who now calls himself Jesus Jihad, was arrested for stabbing his wife to death and wounding her 15-year-old son and her sister. See stories by Harry Harris at the Oakland Tribune and John Coté at the SF Chron.


I wonder why the abolitionist crowd, who never seem to tire of regaling us with how barbaric the death penalty is and how we stoop to the level of criminals when we execute people, never seem to have such strong feelings about the barbarism of allowing a guy who murders someone for $2 back out on the streets after a scant 13 years in prison.

My Name is Denetra and I an exwife of Jesus Jihad also know as Jesse Rochell Crisp, and also known by Jesus Warith Jihad. This man raped my daughter and only did 10 out of a sentencing of 17 years ,why was he released from prison so soon, Now he has killed a woman who didn't deserve to die. He is cold and cruel and a sneaky ugly minded person who deserves to stay in prison for life. I saw Aisha and Jesus one day at a local super market there was a young man with them waiting for them to return to the car. I went to the young man and told him that the man who was in thier presences was a rapist and a very dangerous person, that if he didn't beleive me go to the Meagans Law Sex Offenders page and he would see the truth. The young man began screaming, I knew it I knew something was strange about Jesus. At that time Jesus and Aisha was coming out of the market. I then drove off out of fear. I was beaten so bad by this man before til if you didn't know me, you wouldn't have known who i was my face was swollen and deformed so bad.He raped my daughter and orally raped her also. He is a dangerous manipulating plague.

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