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News Scan


Sex Offenders in Kentucky sentenced before July 2006 may not have to comply with a state law which prohibits offenders from living within 1,000 feet from a school, daycare facility or park according to this story from the Louisville Courier-Journal by Jason Riley. A state District Judge ruled yesterday that applying the new restriction to those sentenced prior to the law's enactment was unconstitutional. Other Kentucky judges have handed down similar rulings, with an appeal pending before the State Supreme Court.

Execution Update: Shortly after the U. S. Supreme Court denied his appeals, Lonnie Earl Johnson was executed yesterday evening in Texas. Johnson was pronounced dead at 6:44 p.m. CDT reports AP staff writer Michael Graczyk.

State officials last week were told that Myspace.com found more than 29,000 sex offender profiles on their website. In May, Myspace had removed 7,000 profiles of sex offenders who had violated their parole. North Carolina AG Roy Cooper is proposing a new law that would block offenders from using social websites, such as Myspace, Facebook or Xanga reports April Bethea with the Charlotte Observer. Cooper is also teaming up with other state law officials in an attempt to urge Myspace to “use age and identity verification methods voluntarily.”

Not Your Ordinary Deck of Cards: In an attempt to help solve statewide cold-case homicides and missing persons cases, law enforcement officials in Florida are giving prison inmates cold-case playing cards. Each playing card has the victim(s) name(s), picture(s), date, location, homicide and/or last seen information, followed by a crime stoppers tip number. Inmates in Polk County jails were first given the cards in 2004, and helped lead authorities to the arrest of 2 people involved in a May 2004 homicide, Marc Caputo reports for the Miami Herald.

Getsy Decision: An en banc panel of the Sixth Circuit has rejected a proportionality claim in a murder-for-hire case which had been upheld by a three-judge panel last year. The Associated Press story describes the case. The decision in Getsy v. Mitchell is here. The good news is that eight of the fourteen judges acknowledged that Supreme Court and circuit precedent and federal law prohibited the lower court's holding. The bad news is that the other five and a senior circuit judge did not.


I think that the score was really 8-5. One of the dissenters was a Senior Circuit Judge.

I stand corrected

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