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Culhane Gets 5 Years


Louis Sahagun reports in the LA Times:

A former defense investigator was sentenced today in Sacramento Superior Court to five years in prison for forging and fabricating documents to boost the appeals of four inmates on California's death row.
After a short hearing, Kathleen Culhane was led away in handcuffs.
Speaking on her own behalf before Judge Gary E. Ransom, Culhane, 40, fashioned herself as an anti-death-penalty crusader who broke the law "to save lives."
* * *
Prosecutors led by Senior Assistant Atty. Gen. Mike Farrell denounced Culhane's acts as one of the largest frauds against the legal system in California history.
In an earlier interview, Farrell said, "The scariest people are the ones who think the ends justify the means -- that's Kathleen Culhane."

Update: Scott Smith has this story in the Stockton Record, focusing on the notorious Morales case, one of the cases in which Culhane forged documents. Morales murdered 17-year-old Terri Winchell. Barbara Christian, Terri's mother, said of Culhane, "She stepped on the hearts of victims who have been waiting many years for justice for their murdered loved ones."


Risking your freedom to help killers . . . . one almost has to feel sorry for this true believer.

Five years in the slammer will knock the true believer out of her. After being preyed upon, victimized and manipulated by some of her new playmates, her viewpoint will switch from that of the predator to that of the victim.

I don't know about that. She'll probably be in the lowest security women's prison in the state. There is a world of difference between that and, e.g., Slammer by the Sea (Pelican Bay, California's supermax).

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