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Texas Execution: The Dallas Morning News has this editorial in yesterday’s paper on Texas nearing it’s 400th execution this week, along with focusing more on the victim and less on the murderer.

Oklahoma Execution: Tracy Cooper discovered his wife's lifeless body in their living room at their home in February of 1987 in Oklahoma. Jo Talley Cooper, who was 12 weeks pregnant, was strangled and raped while her 7-month-old son lay unharmed in his crib in the other room. Frank D. Welch gained entry earlier that day by posing as a cablevision worker, even though he had knowingly been fired from work the day before. Ten years later a break was finally made in the case, after Welch’s DNA popped up matching DNA found at another murder that had similarities to Cooper’s crime scene. Authorities then tested Welch's DNA with the DNA collected from the Cooper residence and came back a match. The pro-death penalty website has the full and detailed story on this horrible, senseless crime. Welch is scheduled to be executed tomorrow in Oklahoma.

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Welch was executed last night.

Texas would have hit 400 already, were it not for the Fifth Circuit's unusual stay given to a killer Rolando Ruiz last month. Ruiz had had a full round of appeals, including federal habeas. However, a panel of the Fifth Circuit saw fit to re-open the case. The panel heard oral argument Monday.

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