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EU Appeal: The European Union (EU), which forbids its members from enforcing the death penalty, has asked Texas Governor Rick Perry to introduce a moratorium on executions according to this Associated Press story. The Governor's office has indicated that he's mostly against this. On Wednesday, the state will put Johnny Ray Conner to death for the 1998 robbery and murder of Houston convenience store owner Kathyanna Nguyen.

Conviction Upheld: The racketeering conviction of former Illinois Governor George Ryan was upheld yesterday by the 7th Circuit as reported by AP writer Mike Robinson. Ryan was found guilty of receiving payoffs for steering government contracts to political insiders while he was Secretary of State. He became a hero to death penalty opponents when he commuted all the death sentences in Illinois on his last day in office in 2000. The Court's opinion is here.

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Perry should respond by asking the EU to declare a moratorium on EU members releasing terrorists who have killed American servicemen. Just recently, a member of the Baader-Meinhof Gang and murderer of an American serviceman was released. This follows on the heels of the release of the terrorist animal who murdered Robert Dean Stethem.

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