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More on the NSA Case. James Q. Wilson has this op-ed in the Wall Street Journal (subscription) critiquing the decision in the NSA surveillance case. Adam Liptak has this article in Saturday's New York Times describing how even experts who agree with the decision are shaking their heads over the poor quality of the opinion. Last week, the NYT declared it "a careful, thoroughly grounded opinion" in this editorial, an assessment which appears to have drawn few concurrences.

Mental Health Court. Also in the WSJ is an article by Gary Fields on Brooklyn's mental health court. Among the defendants are one who tried to rob a bank while brandishing a TV remote control and another who tried to rob ATM patrons by holding a knife to his own throat.

Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has issued the second of its three summer orders lists. As expected, there are no grants or denials of certiorari, only denials of stays and rehearings and a few bar discipline matters. One of the latter is the former Attorney General of Texas, Dan Morales. AP story here.

Padilla Case. In Miami, the AP reports, U.S. District Judge Marcia Cooke threw out one count of the case against alleged al-Qaida operative Jose Padilla, on the ground it was duplicative.

Saddam Trial. The second trial of Saddam Hussein, for the Kurdish genocide, began today with the deposed dictator refusing to enter a plea, Amit Paley of the Washington Post reports here.

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