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News Scan


A mucho stupid Pennsylvania man, convicted of drunk driving, showed up for his sentencing drunk according to this story by Morning Call reporter Chris Parker. The judge was thoroughly displeased.

A habitual sex offender with 14 priors, set free last year by a compassionate Washington jury, is back in jail facing charges for the 2004 rape and murder of a young woman according to a story by Tracy Johnson in the Seattle Post Intelligencer.

Cannibalistic plot? Kevin Ray Underwood made his first court appearance this morning in Purcell, Oklahoma. A judge ruled today that Underwood will be charged with first-degree murder for the strangulation of 10-year-old Jamie. According to the AP story, Underwood planned on eating the girl’s nearly decapitated body.

Oklahoma Execution. In other Oklahoma news, the state has modified its injection protocol to meet objections, according to this AP story. (Hat tip: Doug Berman.) However, the scheduled execution of James Malicoat was stayed anyway on the unusual ground that he was needed to testify in another inmate's hearing, according to this later AP story.


Re: The Washington rapist/accused murderer:

Kindness to the cruel is cruelty to the kind.

Of course, the civil commitment issue never would have come up had this miscreant gotten punished the way he should have in 1985. If you break into four homes and rape four people in those homes, you should simply never ever ever get out of prison. It never ceases to amaze me how people think that giving these guys second chances is evidence of "enlightenment"--it is nothing more than visiting random cruelty upon innocent members of our society.

Yep, sexual paraphilias are not mental illnesses despite what the APA says. Thus, civil commitment is bad becasue it is predicated on the idea that rapists are mentally abnormal -- they're not. The criminal justice system should do its part by keeping these folks in prison. Of course, prosecutors should stop plea-bargianing these cases to avoid victim testimony, since that allows for shorter sentences too.

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