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CA Has The Most Porch Pirates:  Three of the top ten regions with the most porch piracy are in California according to SafeWise, a national security system rating company.  Julia Barajas of the Los Angeles Times reports that the San Francisco metro area ranks #1 in the nation for its level of packages stolen off of porches.  The Los Angeles metro area ranked 9th, while the Sacramento metro area 10th.  The other regions in the ranking were Salt Lake City, Portland, Oregon, Baltimore, Seattle-Tacoma, Chicago, Austin, Texas and Denver.  What other factors link these places?  Well, the entire state of California has embraced sentencing reform, essentially decriminalizing theft and drug use.  Seattle, Baltimore, and Chicago have also weakened the penalties for so-called "low level" property crimes and drug use.  The Mayors of each of the cities belong to the same political party as are all of the governors of their home states but Texas and Utah.  As reported earlier, the progressive Mecca of San Francisco has the highest per-capita level of property crime of the nation's 20 largest cities.    

Most Alabama Officers Killed in Three Decades:  2019 was a deadly year for police officers in Alabama with six officers shot and killed by criminals.  The Associated Press reports that the total was the highest for the state since 1987.  Five of the six officers were killed with stolen guns. "None of the guns were in the hands of people who should have had them," according to the head of the state's ATF bureau.  A seventh Alabama officer died in a car crash while responding to a burglary.  Nationally, 128 police officers have been killed in the line of duty over the first 51 weeks of 2019.   

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