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Short list for AG has five names according to this AP story by Lara Jakes Jordan. A "a senior Bush administration official" is the source. No announcement likely until President Bush returns from Down Under.

The new AEDPA Regulations are the subject of an editorial in today's Christian Science Monitor. They make the by-now familiar arguments. They claim the Attorney General is biased, ignoring the self-interest of the habeas court under the prior law and also ignoring the de novo review by the D.C. Circuit. To find out what is causing delay, they called an anti-death-penalty partisan, the DPIC, and took their word for it. Finally, the editorial concludes, "The remedy is for states to provide the resources for competent defense," ignoring the reality that the states that have provided the greatest resources to the defense have the worst delays.

Manuel Noriega's extradition to France has been approved by a federal judge according to this AP story by Curt Anderson.
The 73-year-old former dictator will compete his federal prison sentence for drug trafficking next month . The French Government wants to prosecute him for money laundering.

DNA evidence has convinced a San Francisco jury to convict habitual criminal John Davis of the 1985 rape and murder of 28-year-old woman as reported by Jaxon Von Derbeken of the Chronicle. Davis was already in prison 2002, when he was identified by DNA he left at the murder scene. The victim, commercial photographer Barbara Martz, had returned from the market when she surprised Davis, who was burglarizing her home. She was raped and stabbed several times before her throat was slashed. He will receive a life sentence for the crime because San Francisco DA Kamala Harris is opposed to the death penalty.

Term Summary: Rory Little of UC Hastings has a summary of last term's criminal and related cases at SCOTUSblog.


One small problem, DPIC doesn't oppose the death penalty, they are agnostic on the issue and have been blasted for abolitionists for not having the balls to say whether they oppose or support it.

Karl, I think you may have been listening to too many last-minute innocence claims of death row inmates, because it seems that you are taking at face value something that any rational observer would discount heavily. Remember, Karl, no one really believed Lonnie Johnson's claim that two racist teens pulled guns on him--they just say that they did because it served the cause, just like no one really believes Kenneth Foster's story that, while following Mary Patrick for miles, the four accomplices decided to call off the night's jack[ing]". DPIC's claim of agnosticism is in the same category. No one seriously believes it; it's a talking point.

Karl, if I thought you really believed that, I'd offer to sell you a bridge.

DPIC's veneer of neutrality is a ruse to amplify the effect of its propaganda effort. When they first started, the press was routinely fooled and reported the information they put out as facts from the "nonpartisan" DPIC without checking with anyone else.

Fortunately, most of the reporters who regularly cover the death penalty and aren't partisans themselves have figured it out, identify DPIC as an advocate for one side, and get a balancing perspective from someone on the other side.

Unfortunately, DPIC still fools some in the press who don't know what they really are.

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