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Chemerinsky Back In

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UC Irvine has this press release on the reversal of its controversial decision not to hire Erwin Chemerinsky as dean. "The law school, like all great educational institutions, will be a place of great diversity, where differing viewpoints are nurtured, debated and cherished." It would indeed be a very good thing if the school is not infected with the pandemic disease of Political Correctness, but that remains to be seen. The LA Times has this story by Garrett Therolf.

Meanwhile, on the opinion pages of the LA Times, 31 days have passed since they received actual notice that they had printed patently false allegations of fact on a matter of great public importance, as detailed here. So far, they have printed neither my letter nor the California Supreme Court's letter (described here) nor a correction.

1 Comment

For Chemerinsky, I guess today is a mixed bag. The Ninth Circuit tossed his case (or rather upheld the tossing of his case) against Caterpilar.


One wonders how someone who can write patently false allegations in a major daily publication and get a spot in academia. Disinformation and education are supposed to be like oil and water.

One wonders how anything that Chemerinsky writes or says can be taken at face value. I guess some people think that fighting for killers is worth one's reputation for honesty.

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