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Texas Stay


Michael Graczyk of AP has this story on the Supreme Court's grant of a stay of execution yesterday to Texas murderer Carlton Turner. The order is here. The reason why a stay was granted in this case and denied in the case of Michael Richard is not completely clear.

Turner was 19 when he shot Carlton Turner Sr., 43, and Tonya Turner, 40, several times in the head. Prosecutors said Turner had dragged the bodies through the house before dumping them in the garage, then had friends over that weekend for a party.

Maybe Carlton Turner, Jr. got a break because he's an orphan.


Someone please explain why the Richard and Turner cases were treated differently by the Supreme Court. How many justices gave the FL Atty Gen a hard time at oral arguments on Hill? Did any of them tip their hand concerning Baze?

Dave, all of the Justices gave him a hard time. He had a hard position to sell, given Nelson.

It looks like we may have found the answer as to why:


The TCCA wouldn't stay open for an extra 20 minutes. I guess that's what happens when you wait until the last minute to file your appeals.

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