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"Rambustious" is not a good way to be in a stadium, if you don't want the police to arrest you and put you in a "carotid restraint hold." Specifically, don't refuse to leave when ordered to and then kick the cops and security guards. If you do, you can't sue the cop and the city, even in the Ninth Circuit, according to today's decision in Acosta v. Hill.

The Mukasey hearings so far indicate that the new AG will be confirmed easily, but there were a few fireworks, reports Lara Jakes Jordan for AP. "Sen. Russ Feingold, D-Wis., hammered Mukasey for writing a 2004 speech that derided criticism of the USA Patriot Act as 'recreational hysteria.'" That's actually a rather nice turn of phrase, in our humble opinion.

Research Note: From the University of Alberta, "While it is commonly thought that men with low IQs sexually offend because of a lack of knowledge or sexual deviance, new research has found the men may sexually offend because of their exposure to 'corrective' sex education previously taken." (Hat tip: Best of the Web) One more reason to be skeptical of experts who claim to be able to "treat" criminality.

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Acosta's suit got to the jury. Doesn't that mean that the issue was not immunity from suit, as is implied by the "can't sue" characterization?

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