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News Scan

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Mail Call: Memo to wives and girlfriends of jailbirds: If you don't want the jailers to see nude pictures of you, don't mail them to your beloved in the jail. All the mail is opened. Jessica Duran claims that Mesa County, Colorado owes her $100K for "humiliation and emotional distress," reports Gary Harmon in the Daily Sentinel. (Hat tip: How Appealing.)

Penn. CJ: Ronald Castille, former DA of Philadelphia and associate justice since 1993, was sworn in as Chief Justice of Pennsylvania earlier this week, Emilie Lounsberry reports for the Inquirer.

Voter Fraud: As previously noted here, the Supreme Court is presently considering a challenge to Indiana's voter ID law by the Democratic Party in that state. The ID requirement is unnecessary, the argument goes, because voter fraud is a nonproblem. This Saturday, the Nevada Democratic Party is holding caucuses on the Las Vegas Strip for voters who work in that area. To establish their eligibility, the party will require the voters to show ID, according to John Fund in OpinionJournal.com.

DNA Testing: The California Court of Appeal in SF has held that Proposition 69, expanding DNA testing to all registered sex offenders, applies retroactively, Bob Egelko reports for the SF Chron. The case is Good v. Superior Court, A117317.

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I think that if the nude pictures were passed around to every jailer, then this woman may have a cause of action. Of course, one might argue that she assumed the risk.

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