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Religion and the Death Penalty: Walter Berns of American Enterprise Institute has this article on Europe's obsession with the death penalty. "What explains this obsession with the death penalty? Hard to say, but probably the fact that abolishing it is one of the few things Europeans can do that make them feel righteous; in fact, very few."

Does A Serial Rapist Deserve a Military Burial?
Yes, according to this story written by Anne K. Ream in the Los Angeles Times. James A. Selby was accused of armed robbery, rape, kidnapping and attempted murder. He had at least 10 victims, one including a 9-year-old girl. Selby was a Persian Gulf veteran who committed suicide before receiving his sentence in Arizona. In the past, Congress has barred veterans convicted of capital murder from burial with military honors as in the case of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh. On behalf of Steve Bush, father of one of the victim’s, Arizona Representative John Shadegg will introduce "Jenny's Law" in the coming weeks. Senator Barbara Boxer of California will introduce a companion bill in the Senate. The measure would prevent those convicted of the most serious sex crimes from receiving military honors at burial.

Timothy Masters, who was sentenced to life in 1999 for the sexual mutilation and stabbing death of Peggy Hettrick outside Fort Collins, was released from a Colorado prison last week due to DNA testing. District Judge Joseph Weatherby will decide next week if all charges against Masters will be dropped. Larimer County District Attorney Larry Abrahamson stated in this Associated Press story that the DNA evidence does not completely exonerate Masters, but did suggest others were involved in the murder.

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RE: Berns article
Even Scott Turow's anti-death penalty monograph minimized the importance of Western European opposition to capital punishment: "The American and European pasts offer different omens. Despite Western Europeans' frequent self-congratulations on their civility, it is , in fact, their democracies that have repeatedly been overwhelmed by dictators. Franco, Mussolini, Salazar, Hitler, Petain....American opinion about capital punishment is subtly dependent on the extraordinary stability of our demoncratic institutions."

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