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Love hurts. A Pennsylvania doctor was sentenced to life in prison for killing his best friend thirty years ago, so he could marry the friend's wife. Michael Rubinkam, from the AP staff writes that Dr. Stephen Scher was convicted in Susquehanna County for the first-degree murder of Martine Dillon. Initially, Scher lied about Dillon’s death saying that Dillon had tripped and accidentally shot himself while chasing a porcupine. Prosecutor Patrick Blessington says Scher has a God complex.

Missouri: New Assault Law
Southeast Missourian reporter Bridget DiCosmo writes that offender Cortez Bell, 30, is the first to be charged under Missouri’s new assault law. Before the law was passed an assault against a police officer was considered a misdemeanor; under the new law it is a felony. On Wednesday, Bell was sentenced to four years for assaulting a highway patrol officer. The sentence will run concurrently with the two four-year sentences for resisting arrest and possession of a controlled substance. Prosecutor Attorney Morley Swingle, says, “The law was passed to give officers on patrol additional protection.”

St. Louis: new law for child sex offenders
According to this AP story, St. Louis passed a law last week that will not allow sex offenders to start a business that caters to children. The city says that, “The law is aimed at businesses that specifically market to children.”

Wyoming: New self-defense law
Associated Press reports, that Gov. Dave Freudenthal signed the ‘castle doctrine’ bill into law yesterday, which will go into effect July 1st. The story says, “The term ‘castle doctrine’ refers to the notion that a person’s home is his castle, and he is entitled to defend it without retreating from criminal attack.” The new law will allow homeowners to kill intruders who enter their home illegally and not be sued. Supporters of this bill want to inform homeowners of their self-defense rights. Also, a National Rifle Association spokesman "said last month that 20 states had passed such laws."

Washington Strengthens ‘Three Strikes Law’

KATU news reported that the ‘The Chelsea Harrison Act’ (Senate Bill 6184) passed today. This law amends Washington’s ‘Three Strikes Law’ so that any felony conviction with a sexual motive commited in another state will be considered a strike. According to the story, Chelsea Harrison’s killer, Roy Russell, was convicted and sentenced to life in prison, but got out on appeal because one of his ‘strikes’ was committed in Arizona. Russell then murdered Miss Harrison.

New law for Illinois teen drivers
Daily Herald reporter Robert McCoppin writes that a new law bans 16- and 17-year-olds from driving after 10pm Sunday through Thursday, and after 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays. The law exempts new drivers who are driving home from work, school or religious activities. Experts say that the law will save lives among new drivers and predict a decrease in crash deaths among teenagers by 38 percent. As a result of this law, the story says, Illinois now has one of the toughest graduated driver’s license laws in the country. 16-year-old Ryan Domzalski complains about the new law, saying, “My social life has gone down the drain.”

2nd Amendment: An article by Nelson Lund from The Heritage Foundation discusses the Supreme Court case of DC v. Heller. Oral argument will be held on March 18.

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"The new law will allow homeowners to kill intruders who enter their home illegally and not be sued."


I almost sure you meant- The new law will assure homeowners immunity from
retaliatory or frivolous assault via statute if the option of lethal force to defend their homes, selves,families or property from ANY criminal invasion is chosen.

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