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Ninth Circuit News: Howard Bashman at How Appealing, reports on today's Ninth Circuit decision to reject rehearing an en banc decision that immunized from a criminal defendant from prosecution for false statements made to a probation officer preparing the defendant's presentence report.

Interesting Reads: Some interesting criminal procedure and criminal law articles are being published. Legal Theory Blog has this post on a new article by Carlton Larson entitled, The Revolutionary American Jury: A Case Study of the 1778-1779 Philadelphia Treason Trials. The article can be found here.

Jack Balkin has also blogged on some books he recently received at Balkinization. Balkin's thoughts on Steve Teles's, The Rise of the Conservative Legal Movement can be found here, and Balkin's comments on Statutory Default Rules: How To Interpret Unclear Legislation, Predictocracy: Market Mechanisms for Public and Private Decision Making, and Electronic Elections: The Perils and Promises of Digital Democracy can be found here .

And finally, Douglas A. Berman at Sentencing Law and Policy has this post on a seasonal read entitled "The Little Green Book of Golf Law."

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