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Pre-Sentence Investigations Waived for Alleged Connecticut Killer

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Connecticut residents were horrified last summer when two lifelong criminals reportedly raped, murdered, and killed a mother and her two daughters before setting their house on fire in an effort to cover their crimes. Stories here and here. Suspect Joshua Komisarjevsky lengthy arrest and parole history is detailed here.

Now comes information that another home invasion and murder this past weekend in Connecticut likely involved a sex offender with several previous convictions whose PSI's were waived several times:

When Williams was sentenced in 1996 and 2000 for burglary and sexual assault, the judges in both cases did not seek a report examining his personal history.

Pre-sentencing investigative reports, known commonly as PSIs, are an exhaustive look into an offender's life.

Written by about 25 to 30 probation officers across the state, they can delve into an offender's drug abuse problems, school records, family history, past offenses, any mental health issues, social history and past success or failure with probation. Interviews with victims and family members are often conducted, giving a judge a fuller picture of an offender about to be sentenced.

According to a news story, the suspect said he had "no choice" but to kill the two women.

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"He told police he had made many mistakes such as allowing the females time to memorize his face," the warrant said. "That is when Williams realized he would have to kill both females."

It apparently never occurs to this guy that his mistake was choosing to commit the crime in the first place. Regrettably, some people simply have no intention of ever going straight.

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