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Civil Rights Pioneer Mildred Loving, a black woman who challenged Virginia’s ban in interracial marriage, died Friday in her home. On June 12, 1967, the Supreme Court upheld Mildred and Richard Loving’s right to marry. Washington Post writer Dionne Walker reports, “the ruling struck down laws banning racially mixed marriages in at least 17 states”. The story is available here.

Editorial Supports Victims' Rights: In a rare break from sympathizing with criminal defendants, the LA Times editorial page is defending introduction at trial of the statements of a murder victim in the Supreme Court case of Giles v. California.

Blinded by Reality. Apparently unaware of multiple studies showing that keeping habitual criminals and drug dealers behind bars is far cheaper than releasing them back into society, Washington Post writers Keith Richburg and Ashley Surdin report as fact, the decades-old claim by the Sentencing Project (read Reduce Sentencing Project) that the opposite is true. The story quotes the groups executive director: “Do you want to build prisons or do you want to build more colleges." ...... Hello?.. open the prison doors and any supposed savings will be spent building more morgues, rape crisis centers and drug clinics.

Texas Sets Date for Medellin: Michael Graczyk of AP reports, that Texas has set an execution date of August 5 for murderer Jose Medellin. CJLF has been involved in Medellin's case since 2005 and filed a brief on behalf of one of his victim's families in Medellin v. Texas, decided last March.

Six murders over a video game WWSB ABC News reports, that the Florida Supreme Court heard arguments today challenging the conviction of three defendants for the 2004 massacre of six people in a Deltona home. The defense attorney argues that the three defendants should have received separate trials. One defendant was convicted and sentenced to LWOP. The other two received death sentences. A fourth accomplice pleaded guilty and received LWOP. The victims were killed over the theft of an X Box video game.

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I'm not sure that it was even a theft of an Xbox game. Not that it matters all that much, but the Xbox had been left behind by a squatter. Just goes to show the depravity of these individuals and why we have capital punishment.

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