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Guantanamo Bay Detainees Begin New York Hearing:  New York Daily News writers John Marzulli and Bill Hutchinson report that a federal grand jury in Manhattan has begun hearing evidence against alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and four of his Al Qaeda henchmen.  The jurors are expected to hear testimony and be presented with evidence that the men plotted the 2001 attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people.  The controversial decision move the men to New York and begin their trial sparked protests from the families of 9/11 victims.  The panel was seated in recent days and could take several weeks to hand down an indictment.

Ohio's New Execution Method Unlikely to Gain Traction in CA:  LA Times writer Carol J. Williams reports on this Tuesday's execution in Ohio, where a murderer was put to death with the nation's first single-drug lethal injection.  This marks the first time the execution method, some analysts consider more humane than the three-drug procedure used in California, was used.  California, and several other states that have the death penalty on hold, are reviewing their three-drug procedures to address claims that they might be inflicting cruel and usual punishment on the inmates.  The first drug, used in Kenneth Biros' execution Tuesday, is supposed to render the prisoner unconscious before paralysis is induced by the second drug.  Cardiac arrest is induced by the third drug.  California could change its method, but it is unlikely.  The State's Administrative Procedures Act requires authorities to seek public comment on any change in official practice.  Capital punishment supporters say opponents abuse the law to delay executions.  "Opponents of the death penalty then intentionally make that process more expensive and time-consuming than necessary by spamming [correction officials] with a flood of irrelevant comments decrying the death penalty generally," said Kent Scheidegger, Legal Director of the Criminal Justice Legal Foundation.  Currently, the legal rights of capital prisoners contribute to an average 25-year period between sentencing and execution.  Only six of California's 685 death row inmates have exhausted all appeals and would be subject to execution.

Judge Comments on Ohio Inmate's Execution Appeal:  Associated Press writer Andrew Welsh-Huggins reports on a federal judge's statement that Ohio inmate, Romell Broom, may no longer have a valid pain and suffering claim to stay his execution.  U.S. District Judge Gregory Frost did not make a ruling but said Wednesday that developments in Kenneth Biros' execution could limit what killer Romell Broom may argue.  Frost says the Sixth Circuit's ruling appears to limit Broom to another argument over whether the state has the right to carry out a second execution attempt.

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Frost's comment about the doctor participation is bizarre. Does Frost really have an issue with the state asking for a doctor to help?

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