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Good News at DEA

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President Obama is a shrewd man, and he has chosen well in naming the head of the Drug Enforcement Administation, Michele Leonhart, http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/president-obama-announces-more-key-administration-posts.


I worked with Michele from 2003-2007 when she was Deputy Administrator and I was Counselor to the Administrator.  She is one of the most diligent people I have ever run across.  She is serious about ridding this country of dangerous and illegal drugs and reducing as much as possible the misery they cause.  She is entirely non-political; to this day I don't know if she's a Republican or a Democrat.


Michele has devoted her entire professional life to law enforcement.  She started out as a street cop in Baltimore and rose through the ranks at DEA, eventually becoming Special Agent in Charge of the Los Angeles office, which is, as you might imagine, an action-packed assignment.  She is known and trusted throughout the agency.


Congratulations to President Obama for a non-political choice, and to Michele for her promotion to the post her untiring service has earned.

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Probably a much better choice than the drug czar was.

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