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A Dictionary for the Politically Incorrect


In the New World of language that means anything you want, it's sometimes hard to keep track of what some people, particularly criminal defense lawyers, actually mean.  To assist those of you who are having trouble, I offer the following dictionary:

Overzealous prosecutor - A prosecutor who's awake during business hours.

Stacking charges - An indictment whose counts correspond to the defendant's crime spree, including all 75 house burglaries.

Smart on Crime - Oblivious to crime, usually trotted out as "nuanced thinking."  This is in contrast to your "neanderthal thinking."

Alternative Sentencing - Anything except going to the slammer.  More broadly, any punishment other than one that might conceivably persuade the defendant that getting a normal job is better than knocking over the gas station. 

Multiculturalism - A big word meaning, "The West stinks." Shorthand version: "America stinks." Under multiculturalism, Abraham Lincoln, who supported and used the death penalty, is out, and Che Guevara, blood soaked anti-imperialist leader, is in.

Tolerance - The mind-set that requires you to assume that every way of living is as good as every other way of living. Thus, if a woman has X number of kids by Y number of men, none of whom she troubled herself to get to know all that well, much less marry, we must accept this in the name of "tolerance" of a "non-traditional lifestyle." (Indeed, we are required not merely to tolerate it but foot the bill). If you are rude enough to point out that the kids who come into the world this way are much more likely to be poorly educated, not to mention abused by the next boyfriend and eventually to wind up in jail, you are "intolerant." 

Verbal violence - A statement a liberal doesn't like but has trouble refuting analytically. Thus, if you say that hard-edged feminism is at odds with traditional families -- the kind in which children are most likely to prosper and live peaceful, law-abiding lives -- this is "verbal violence" against women, and you have to sit in the corner.


I'll have more entries over the next few days.



It is amazing how the Left has captured the high ground through the use of their signature code phrase--Smart on Crime. Who but a neanderthal could be against this? Delving further reveals that "Smart on Crime" actually means "Soft on Crime".

The Left wants to reserve "precious custodial resources" for violent offenders only. All other offenders can be dealt with through a mishmash of weak, alternative sentencing propositions which often fail miserably in meeting the critical sentencing goals of individual and general deterrence.

Further, the Left would label violent offenders only by their instant offense of conviction. By this logic, a career predator who happens to pick up a drug distribution conviction( a non-violent, victimless crime in the Left's estimation) can be sanctioned without wasting "precious custodial resources."

Unfortunately, offenders don't fit into convenient, pre-determined cubbyholes. Many offenders commit a wide range of crimes. Self-report studies show that crime for many is a way of life. Criminals view those who work for a living as "chumps."

All this speaks to the fact that we are not wasting "precious custodial resources" by incapacitating criminals who support themselves through a life of crime....even non-violent crime.

Bill: Would love your take on those who trumpet "Evidence-based" practices or sentencing. You know--the line of thought that starts with the proposition that incarceration fails to "rehabilitate" and- for that reason-any alternative sentence is better.

Wow, I was looking for CJLF's blog Crime and Consequences but must have stumbled on a Rush Limbaugh dittohead blog instead.

By the way, I am an actual prosecutor who works on actual death penalty cases and who looks at this blog because it usually provides excellent, useful information, not a bunch of right-wing ranting. Knock it off.

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