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Isn't It Supposed to be Dying?

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As we continue to hear that "the death penalty is dying" from the New York Times, the DPIC and other abolitionist cheerleaders masquerading as news sources, facts continue to confound this claim.  The truth is that, according to Gallup, public support for the death penalty is at the same level now that it was five and ten years ago.  And the most liberal administration in the last fifty years, if not ever, openly (and to its credit) supports the almost never imposed federal death penalty for terrorists.


Today come news from overseas that the supposed international opposition to the death penalty is something less than it's cracked up to be.  The AP has this story:


Iraq Rejects Call to Abolish Death Penalty


 GENEVA  --  Iraq has rejected calls to abolish or suspend capital punishment made during a review by the U.N.'s top human rights body.

Some 20 countries had urged Iraq to end the death penalty that has been used against high-profile members of the former regime of Saddam Hussein and in the country's crackdown against insurgent groups.

Iraq has also dismissed suggestions that it should reduce the number of crimes for which the death penalty can be imposed.

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Undoubtedly, administration insiders determined it would be politically inexpedient to shy away from resort to the death penalty, which should say something about thier assesment of public sentiment as being lopsided one way, not close to a tipping point.

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