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Mock Trial on DP

Tuesday starting at 6:30 GMT, there will be a "mock trial" on the death penalty in London. (That is 1:30pm ET or 10:30am PT.) Witnesses for the "defense" will be Paul Cassell, Robert Blecker, and yours truly. The announcement is here.

The "verdict" is probably predetermined. As I understand it, the audience will vote. Given that the audience is people who have paid $100 to attend a fundraiser for an anti-death-penalty organization, a unanimous vote for the other side is a distinct possibility, regardless of the presentations. My experience is that events such as this rarely or never sway the views of anyone whose mind is already made up either way, and not too many "swing votes" attend.

Nonetheless, this is a chance to present the other side to people who have probably never heard anything but the anti side's propaganda. The sponsors do seem to be interested in having the presentations balanced and flew us over for that purpose.

Don't know yet if the event will be available on the Web.


Suggestion: Stick around over there. Maybe you'll learn something.

Move for a change of venue to Oklahoma City, or to the site in Florida where John Couey buried alive a nine year-old child, Jessica Lunsford, after twice raping her.

Failing that, ask the prosecution witnesses whether if (as is the case according to the heavy majority of studies), the death penalty saves more innocent life than it takes, how it is possible for those supporting the preservation of innocent life NOT also to support the death penalty.

Realone, I'm always looking to learn more, and I learned a few nuggets of history on my sightseeing today.

I doubt I'll learn anything from the opponents, though. I've seen their statements, and it's the same old stuff we have heard and refuted many times before.

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