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Ohio Execution

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In 1994, Isam Salman and Hayder al-Turk were murdered in Salman's store. Justice for this crime was finally carried out yesterday. The perpetrators were emulating a scene from the movie Menace II Society. Alan Johnson has this story in the Columbus Dispatch. The Supreme Court's green light orders are here and here. No dissent is noted for either. 

Ohio's repeated successful use of a one-drug protocol should put to rest the nonsense emanating from the DPIC about using "untested" methods. It will probably be gradually adopted by the other states, just as the present three-drug method replaced the gas chamber and electric chair, which replaced hanging.

Ohio is doing a fine job of wrecking the opposition's containment strategy. They want to convince the rest of the country that the death penalty is a purely Southern phenomenon, with the usual express or implied accusation of racism. Now we need to get California on track. The Administrative Procedures Act mess should be fixed by May. There are 6 or 7 cases that are all the way through the review process, depending on whether the Ninth Circuit is finished being serially reversed in Belmontes.  Monthlies are possible in both states.

1 Comment

Missouri has quite a few murderers who are already through the review process--we could see a bevy of executions there as well once the Missouri Supreme Court decides to start scheduling executions.

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