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A Dictionary for the Politically Incorrect, Part lll

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The fraudulent and vile release of the Lockerbie bomber on grounds of "compassion" has reminded me of the need to update the Dictionary.  So here are a few more entries, starting off with today's star.

Compassion - the view that every criminal deserves a break, whether he does or not.

Urban Survival Syndrome - the violence-happy mindset formerly known as "thuggishness."

Business Misjudgment - a gargantuan swindle, a la' Bernie Madoff or Enron, but it wasn't about greed or lying or anything like that, it was just a bad guess about the business climate.  Defense lawyers actually say this.  Honest.

Sub-prime Mortgage - a homeloan to a person who can't afford a home but who, in order to get one, is willing to lie, often flagrantly, about his income, assets and debt.  Such people are now regarded as "victims" of "predatory lenders," meaning that they dealt with banks even more dishonest and greedy than they were.


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A possible inclusion of recent vintage:

"Noble Attorneys"-lawyers who use profits from their corporate clients to underwrite their activist defense of terrorists to include smuggling contraband into prison in manila envelopes "to develop rapport and trust with our clients" ala the firm of Paul, Weiss.

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