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Dictionary for the Politically Incorrect, Quick Update


The two most recent posts have shown the need for me to update our on-going Dictionary for the Politically Incorrect.:

Fear-mongering  --  An expression of concern (1) that  when a terrorist organization says it's going to commit yet more mass murder, as it has before, it might actually mean it; or (2) that when we prematurely release criminals from prison, the recidivism rate will not be zero, since there was a reason they were in prison to begin with.

Highest traditions of the profession  --  What a lawyer is credited with serving when (a) putatively in a representative capacity, he argues the case in behalf of his clients, even if they are admitted terrorists (see "DOJ Seven"), or (b) argues the case against his client, when the client wants to plead guilty to a capital crime but the lawyer is personally opposed to the death penalty.  (N.B.  This has led some cynical people to think that "highest traditions of the profession" functionally means "whatever outcome the left prefers").


Fear mongering--How an ivory towered academic who has probably never been alone in a room with a convict dismisses the considered opinion of a prison psychologist who has spent 20 years in the trenches working with all order of criminals.

Who has more credibility?

The arrogance of the academy . . . . that's how.

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