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More on Postmortem Miranda

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Evan Perez reports in the WSJ:

Attorney General Eric Holder backed off a bit from his comment last month that "we'll be reading Miranda rights to the corpse" of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.
Holder, testifying today before the Senate Judiciary Committee, said U.S. authorities hope to capture and interrogate bin Laden. "Our hope would be to capture him, interrogate him and get useful intelligence." He explained his earlier remark as simply his "assessment of the likelihood" of that outcome.
Also from the same story, as well as Ashby Jones' post at WSJ Law Blog, it appears that we still don't have a decision on where to try KSM.

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Why does no one ask the obvious question--since Miranda is simply prophylactic and not dictated by the Constitution, why do terrorists get the benefit of it? Whatever one thinks of the merits of granting terrorists constitutional rights, certainly they should not be granted judge-made rights that exceed those contained in the Constitution.

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