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Yet Another Stacked Death Penalty Study?

Associated Press has this brief story:

The American Bar Association is launching a review of the way the death penalty is administered in Missouri.

A special Bar Association committee plans to analyze a dozen aspects of Missouri's death penalty process including the handling of DNA evidence, police interrogation procedures, prosecutor and defense services and court appeals.

The eight-member panel is co-chaired by law professors Stephen Thaman of Saint Louis University and Paul Litton of MU.

Litton said similar death penalty studies have been conducted in eight states. He said committees in five of those states recommended a temporary moratorium on the death penalty.

Curiously, there doesn't seem to be an announcement on the ABA's own web site, so I wasn't even able to find out who the other six members are. Knowing how the ABA works, though, the committee is probably stacked with death penalty opponents with perhaps one present or former prosecutor who is the most favorable to the defense side they could find. If anyone can find the actual membership of this committee, please let me know.

Previous ABA studies have been entirely predictable.

The ABA, if anyone does not know, maintains a facade of neutrality while working assiduously for the defense side in all matters criminal. Its amicus briefs in the Supreme Court almost always favor the defendant and never oppose the defense bar position. For at least the past 20 years, the only brief they have filed in support of the prosecution was in a case on a defendant going pro per, where the defense bar did not agree with the defendant.

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