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EU Bullying on the Death Penalty

Death penalty opponents are fond of saying how many other countries have abolished the penalty. That argument has even less probative value than the typical looking-abroad argument, though, because in many cases that decision was coerced. Western Europe forced Eastern European countries to abolish in order to join the big common market with the economic advantages that entails. Now Europe is reaching halfway around the world to impose its view in East Asia.

Taiwan recently ended a de facto moratorium and carried out four executions. The EU "high representative" issued a predictable statement meddling in Taiwan's business. Now Taiwan is worried that the EU might link the question of whether people from Taiwan can enter Europe without the hassle of getting visas (a visa waiver program) to the question of how that independent country chooses to punish its murderers. CNA has this story.

The U.S. needs something like the Monroe Doctrine to tell Europe to keep its mitts off. We don't go around telling independent countries they have to have capital punishment, and Europe has no more business telling them they can't have it.

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