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Finding the Bottom

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How crooked does a Congressman has to be before the "self-policing" House brings charges? There actually is a bottom to the pit, believe it or not. The WSJ has this editorial on "The Rangel Standard." The trial of Charles Rangel will be the first since the ouster of the colorful but crooked James "Beam me up, Mr. Speaker" Traficant eight years ago. 

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We also have the
Rangel Rule

“Rangel Rule Act of 2009“, [is] the brainchild of Rep. John Carter, a Texas Republican who spent two decades as a judge before coming to the House in 2002. H.R. 735 would require the IRS to give everyone the same kid-glove treatment it gave Rangel.

Under H.R. 735, if you’re caught cheating on your taxes, you would pay what you owe, then write “Rangel Rule” at the top of your return, and you wouldn’t be charged any penalty or interest. That way, Carter said when he introduced the bill, ordinary taxpayers would be “treated with the same courtesy that, it seems, the IRS is treating the chairman of the Ways and Means Committee.”

The question is will Charlie subject himself and the Democratic party to a very public Congressional Hearing (5 Democrats and 5 Republicans) on July 29th... or cop a plea and step down?

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