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Racism at DOJ?


For most of the country's history, the victims of racist law enforcement have been black.  There were episodes when the perversion of police power was beyond grotesque.  The involvement of the Sheriff's Department in the savage murders of three young civil rights workers, Chaney, Schwerner and Goodman, in Philadelphia, Mississippi 46 years ago this summer stunned most of us old enough to remember it.  If the cruelty of Jim Crow didn't bring home the point, that episode certainly did.

Times have changed.

There are now non-frivolous reasons to believe that a racist  --  specifically, anti-white  --  bias is telling the tale in the Voting Rights Section of the Civil Rights Division at DOJ.  See, for example, this post at Powerline, which contains a video tape of a news conference held by the New Black Panther Party.  The leader is holding forth on the supposedly positive changes that followed the appointment of, as he says, "a black man," Eric Holder, as AG.  The particular "positive change" he has in mind is the deep-sixing of the case of voter intimidation against his Black Panther colleague.

We have been following the voter intimidation scandal in several posts, and will continue to follow it.  For now, I want to say only one thing about it (with apologies for personalizing it):  When I started my career, at DOJ, I was so proud to be working there.  I was idealistic, as many are at that age.  I was confident that I would be working for justice, and to help put thugs away whether they showed up at the convenience store at 4 a.m. or the polling place at noon.

Today, I would be neither proud nor confident.  Indeed I would look for work elsewhere.


I too worked for the Justice Department early in my career. I never hesitated to apprise acquaintances of my 10 wonderful years in pursuit of equal enforcement of the law. Holder's first 18 months as the chief law enforcement officer in the nation have been an embarrassment. From his ill-conceived "Nation of Cowards" remarks to the ill-fated, ham-handed decision to try KSM in a New York City courtroom, rank incompetence was apparent.

The revelations brought forth by J. Christian Adams concerning the whitewashing of a case of voter intimidation by one of the most openly bigoted, militant, and dangerous members of the current Black Panther party suggests a more sinister and troubling agenda is in play-selective enforcement of the law.


Not only is it selective, it's selective in the most destructive way. Favoring one race over the other has poisoned domestic life in this country like nothing else. To watch it take over the Justice Department is heartbreaking -- not to mention shocking, dangerous and illegal.

I had a fine career at DOJ and in the US Attorney's Office. I thought I had seen my last service, and most likely I have. But I am reconsidering. If a call should come in January 2013 seeking help to clean up this appalling mess, I would have to think about it long and hard.

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