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Blago Holdout Juror Talks:  Juror JoAnn Chiakulas - the holdout juror in former Governor Rob Blagojevich's trial - recently told the Chicago Tribune that she stands by her decisions.  This AP story reports that Chiakulas found Blago's recorded statements about allegedly selling President Obama's former Senate seat too disorganized to constitute a criminal conspiracy.  Chiakulas also expressed concerns about the credibility of some of the government's key witnesses, who had cut deals with prosecutors before the trial.  A judge announced yesterday that Blago's retrial will begin the week of January 4th.  

Escaped NC Convict Charged with Murder in CA:   The San Diego Union Tribune reports prosecutors yesterday charged Michael Eugene Richardson with two counts of special-circumstance murder for the deaths of his wife and mother-in-law, who were found in a wrecked car in what appears to be a staged auto accident.  Before her death, Richardson's wife reported to authorities her discovery that Richardson had been maintaining a sexual relationship with his 17-year-old niece.  Richardson's run-ins with the law date back to the '80s and reach coast-to-coast - in 1982, he escaped from a North Carolina prison after serving only a few years of a 30-year sentence for armed robbery.  He was captured in 2000, but was paroled back to California after serving only a few years.  

AZ Governor Files Brief in Appeal:   Lawyers for Arizona Governor Jan Brewer yesterday filed their first brief in the appeal of last month's ruling putting the state's controversial immigration law on hold, reports the AP.  The state is appealing to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, arguing that the district judge improperly relied on speculation that the law would place an unconstitutional burden on legal immigrants in the U.S.

Trial for USS Cole Bomber Delayed:   Approaching the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attack of the USS Cole, during which 17 sailors were killed and dozens more injured, the DOJ this week indicated that there "are not charges either pending or contemplated" for Adb al-Rahim al-Nashiri, the suspected bomber.  The Department of Defense claims, however, that prosecutors in the Office of Military Commissions are actively investigating a case and developing charges against him.  In any event, friends and families of those killed aboard the Cole remain frustrated with the government's delay in seeking justice.  Read the Washington Post's article here.   

Felony Stupid:  The AP has this story about a Washington state man who appeared in court to face a methamphetamine charge... with a bag of meth in his pocket.  He now faces an additional felony possession charge after a guard discovered the drugs during a pat down.     

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