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The Legalization Fraud

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We often hear that legalization of marijuana is not a first step toward legalizing everything, and that claims to the contrary are just so much fear mongering by Puritanical types who relish putting otherwise law abiding citizens in prison.  The truth, so we are told, is that marijuana legalizers understand that the harder drugs, such as heroin and cocaine, should remain prohibited.

Yes, well, as Emily Litella said on Saturday Night Live, "Never mind."

The London Telegraph has this story.

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Dear Bill - That might be apples and oranges. It sounds like Sir Gilmore is focusing on illegal drug market crime and public health problems, and that he thinks legalization would be an improvement in those areas. In contrast, when you describe marijuana legalizers who don't want to legalize other drugs, perhaps you are referring to people who think marijuana is a safe or good drug compared to alcohol. Sir Gilmore doesn't seem to think cocaine is safe or good. His view seems consistent to marijuana and all drugs. I think that people who support marijuana legalization for the reasons that Sir Gilmore do - many doctors and law enforcement officials, for example - would disagree with the initial idea you mention. Personally, I think Sir Gilmore's reasons are sound and much better than "marijuana is safe" type of arguments because marijuana has a potential for abuse just like another drug, Hence the need for it to be controlled and regulated, and for people to be able to seek treatment if needed without fearing criminal repercussions.
Thanks for your time.

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