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EU Arrogance

Nile Gardiner has this commentary on the London Telegraph's world news blog:

It is bad enough that unelected, pompous Brussels bureaucrats constantly meddle in British affairs just over the Channel. But when European Union apparatchiks think they can even interfere in the internal policies of the United States several thousand miles away, that is surely a bridge too far. I don't recall Washington ever signing up to the Treaty of Lisbon or the European Convention on Human Rights, or the United States Congress rubber-stamping the ludicrously named European External Action Service.

The new EU Ambassador to Washington, Joao Vale de Almeida has already declared his bullish intention to speak for the whole of Europe at the expense of individual nation states. Now he seeks to put that into practice by condemning California's decision to execute a convicted kidnapper, murderer and rapist on September 29, who is isn't even from Europe.
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I hope that Governor Schwarzenegger sends the EU Ambassador a resounding hasta la vista on this matter, and that the citizens of California let Mr. Vale de Almeida know that they do not live in a far-flung province of the European Union and value their liberty and independence as part of the freest nation on earth.


They really are an arrogant bunch. Perhaps, just perhaps, these guys should look at the state of North Korean refugees in China. If they get this worked up about the execution of a killer, then I'd be curious to see what the reaction they would have to the plight of these North Koreans.

Indeed, federalist, I was just thinking that there would seem to be far more pressing issues of far greater international concern for the EU than a decision by the State of California to execute a murderer pursuant to the due process of law. Like, I dunno, genocide in Darfur? Nukes in Iran? Female genital mutilation in Somalia? Gas and acid attacks on schools for girls in Afghanistan? Mass murder by drug lords in Mexico? Sheesh.

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