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Military Judge Rejects Request to Keep Fort Hood Trial Closed:  Col. James Pohl, a military judge acting as the investigating officer in the case against Nidal Hasan, determined earlier today that Hasan's Article 32 hearing (the military equivalent of a grand jury hearing) will remain open to the public.  Hasan's attorneys sought to keep the hearing closed, claiming that allowing the public to hear testimony from the nearly three dozen expected witnesses will create even more pretrial hostility against their client.  Col. Pohl rejected the argument, stating that the public and the family of the 13 murder victims have a right to hear the testimony.  The AP has this story.  

Marijuana is Gateway Drug According to Government Report: 
CBS News reports on a government report showing an increase in illegal drug use in 2009 as compared to 2008.  The survey reports that over 20% of young adults experimented with illegal drugs last year, "driven in large part by the use of marijuana."  "Drug czar" Gil Kerlikowske attributes this figure in part to the mixed messages the population is receiving about the harmless or medicinal effects of the drug - for the first time since 2002, less than half of young adults believe that marijuana is harmful.

Kentucky Execution Put on Hold:   The execution of Kentucky death row inmate Gregory Wilson will not take place tonight as planned, reports the Lexington Herald-Leader (KY).  Wilson was sentenced to death for the 1987 murder of Debbie Pooley, whom he kidnapped, raped, and strangled.  A state court judge put the execution on hold last week, based on concerns with the state's lethal-injection process and the possibility that Wilson is mentally retarded.  Prosecutors appealed to the state supreme court to lift the stay.  The story says, the injunction stays in place because defense attorneys did not respond. That seems odd.  In most states a higher court can act on a motion to lift a stay in these circumstances without a response if the defendant chooses not to file one.   

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The Kentucky judiciary really ought to be ashamed of itself. What other conclusion are the victim's family members supposed to come to except that the "rule of law" is a farce.

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