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Race pits dream prosecutor against S.F.'s nightmare D.A.

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The title of this post is the headline of this column by SF Chrontrarian Debra Saunders.  I think I can guess who she is going to vote for in the Cal. AG race:

I don't understand why San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris wants to be California's next attorney general. Then again, it's hard to understand why she even ran for D.A. - other than because she has a yen for elective office.

She hasn't been an aggressive prosecutor. She hasn't been a competent administrator. She seems more interested in advancing liberal causes than putting bad guys behind bars.

It is a sad testament to the Democratic Party that Harris is its chosen nominee to run against Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley, a consummate lawman whose tenure could serve as a model for both toughness and fairness.

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Ms. Harris's candidacy highlights the conundrum of running to be the chief law enforcer when you don't believe in law enforcement.

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