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Thanks, but . . .

While it's almost always nice to receive a complement, sometimes the complementer is so clueless that all you can do is laugh.  A web site called Criminal Justice Degree has this entry in a page listing the Top 50 Criminal Defense Blogs:

7. Crime and Consequences : This blog is sponsored by the Criminal Justice Legal Foundation. Issues include death penalty, mental state, sentencing, victim's rights, and more. With dozens of blog entries per month, make time for this criminal defense blog.

Now where's that application NACDL keeps sending me? I know I have it somewhere.

Oh yeah, not only is SCOTUSblog also a criminal defense blog (at least arguable, given that it does tilt in that direction whenever it covers criminal issues), but it is also "the official blog of the Supreme Court of the United States."  I expect that will come as a great surprise to the clerk and justices of the Supreme Court of the United States.


Even the defense bar knows where to come when its members want top flight analysis.

They must have been confused by my numerous gushing comments about the defense bar.

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