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Landrigan Case Back to SCOTUS

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The case of repeat murderer Jeffrey Landrigan is back in the U.S. Supreme Court, which has reinstated his death sentence once before.

The case is docketed as application 10A416.  I don't have Arizona's application, but the way these last-minute pre-execution appeals usually work, the parties lodge their lower court pleadings with the high court as they are filed, and only minor adjustments are needed after the lower court rules.  The Ninth Circuit pleadings are on this page.

Update: CNN has this story.

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Final justice was carried out.

Here's the SCOTUS order lifting the stay.


Interesting that the four dissenters chose not to explain how "speculation" on the part of a federal judge allowed a stay under Baze. Perhaps the reason is that they simply couldn't do it convincingly. Given the dissent from the denial of a stay in the Vienna Convention, one would have thought that Breyer et al would have explained themselves, but I guess the opinion just wouldn't write.

I guess we can all thank Judge Silver and the three members of the Ninth Circuit panel for the good Supreme Court law we have now on this point.

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