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Seattle Times Unfriends Justice Sanders

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Controversial remarks by Washington Supreme Court Justice Richard Sanders have caused the Seattle Times to reverse itself, withdraw its endorsement, and endorse opponent Charlie Wiggins instead.

Whether the most recent incident is really worth the controversy is a little difficult to tell from news reports.  To the extent that Sanders said that the proportion of black people in prison is greater than in the general population because of a higher crime rate, that statement should not even be controversial.  It is true, and if the truth makes people uncomfortable, their discomfort should not be vented against the messenger.  However, there were apparently other aspects of the talk that people found offensive as well.  I don't know; I wasn't there, and the reports are sketchy.

I was there when Sanders heckled the guest speaker, the Attorney General of the United States, at the annual dinner of the Federalist Society.  See prior post here.  For this blatant breach of fundamental standards of conduct and decorum, and other reasons, I do hope the people of Washington remove him from his seat.

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