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Two-thirds of Czechs support death penalty reintroduction, poll shows

From the Prague Daily Monitor:

Almost two-thirds of Czechs would support the reintroduction of death penalty in the country, most of them in belief that this would help reduce the crime rate, according to an Internet public opinion poll the SANEP agency released yesterday.
A total of 65.5 percent of those polled said they would be for the death penalty to be reintroduced for the perpetrators of the most serious crimes, which, according to 60.7 percent of the respondents, may help lower the crime rate.
The Czechs can't actually do that, of course, because Western Europe has forced death penalty abolition on Eastern Europe through economic extortion.

The United States is unique among Western nations in retaining the death penalty not because the people of all the other countries have rejected it, but rather because several factors combine to make our government more responsive to the will of the people in this regard.  We are economically large enough by ourselves that we don't have to kow-tow to an organization such as the EU.  We divide our elections on both executive-legislative and federal-state lines.  Many countries do one or the other, but very few do both.  The unique ability of American voters to split tickets increases the responsiveness of candidates to issues that may not be number one or two on the voters' priority lists.


A majority (52%) opposed the reintroduction of the death penalty because the country's legal system "was not advanced enough". It's perfectly possible to view a life sentence as insufficient in some cases but be opposed to the death penalty. Your post title is a bit misleading.

I just realised you copied the post title from the newspaper report - so I apologise for attributing it to you. Also a correction, my penultimate sentence should read ...'be opposed to the death penalty in practice.'

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