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Elizabeth Smart Makes A Choice


For those of you who occasionally tune in to Sentencing Law & Policy, and in particular to some of the commenters on that site, it will come as no surprise to learn that prosecutors are fascist thugs who manufacture evidence to put innocent people behind bars, usually for the purpose of torturing them.  The torture is undertaken, inter alia, by such sinister means as refusing to replace their 18" TV's with 24" TV's.  Amerika has no shame!

Still, Elizabeth Smart, fresh from testifying at the trial of the fellow who abducted her at knifepoint at age 14 and then raped her for the next nine months, seems to have a different outlook.  According to her father, she was so inspired by the prosecutor's work in her case that now, at age 23, she wants to go to law school to become..........

A prosecutor.

Today Show interview is here.

To all our readers who pursue this honorable if not particularly well paid profession, a special hat-tip today. 


Good for her. This prosecutor wishes her all the best.

She is the epitome of resilience! She has such grace!!! Good for her and her family!!! God Bless!!!!!

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