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News Scan

Date Set for Second Trial in Connecticut Home Invasion:  Randall Beach of the New Haven Register (CT) reports a February 22, 2011 trial date has been set for Joshua Komisarjevsky, the second alleged perpetrator of the Petit family slayings in Connecticut.  Given the publicity of the trial and sentencing for Steven Hayes, however, jury selection could take months.  Hayes's defense team had attempted to portray Komisarkjevsky as the real monster, offering as evidence some of Komisarjevsky's disturbing journal entries describing the night of the killings (which can be viewed via the New Haven Register here).

Full Supply of Lethal Injection Drugs in California:  In response to a public records request from the ACLU, California corrections officials today disclosed they have imported enough to sodium thiopental from Arizona and Britain to execute 175 death row inmates.  The source of the drugs was submitted as part of a report to U.S. District Judge Jeremy Fogel, who is expected to rule early next year whether California's revised executions procedures are constitutional.  Read the Los Angeles Times's story here.

Ninth Circuit Lifts Injunction on Revised California Parole Standards:  The Ninth Circuit yesterday cleared the way for California's Prop. 9, an initiative that significantly extended the time period prisoners must wait for deferred parole suitability hearings.  Earlier this year, a federal district judge halted enforcement of the law, finding that a constitutional challenge to the law by a group of life-term inmates was likely to succeed.  The Ninth Circuit concluded inmates likely did not have a valid ex post facto claim and reversed the district judge's ruling.  Denny Walsh of The Sacramento Bee has this story.

Looking for a New Career?:  How about pot delivery?  Garvin Thomas of NBC Bay Area reports on medical marijuana delivery services in California.  Thomas spent the day with one such delivery man, Chris Rynearson of MedEx in San Jose, who Thomas said packs his delivery suitcase with 1/8 ounce containers of several types of marijuana, cannabis-based lotions, rolling papers, and lighters.  Rynearson said of his job, "This is something that's normal.  It doesn't seem abnormal to me."

Justice Stevens and the Press:  At Accuracy in Media, Lester Jackson has this critical review of press coverage of Justice Stevens, with emphasis on the death penalty issue.

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