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News Scan

Pedophilia Guide Author Jailed:  Rick Rousos of The Ledger (FL) reports Polk County, Florida officials traveled 1,900 miles to arrest 47-year-old Phillip Greaves in his Colorado home.  Greaves is charged with violating Florida's obscenity laws, after he sold and mailed a copy of his book "The Pedophile's Guide to Love and Pleasure," which one officials deemed "a how-to guide" for raping children.  The book was at one time sold on Amazon.com until protests persuaded the retailer to remove the item from its listing.  Legal experts predict major issues in the case will be whether the picture-less book meets the definition of "obscenity" and whether the book falls within Greaves's First Amendment rights.

Random Bag Searches at Washington Metro Stations:  The Washington Metro transit agency began randomized bag searches at two stations today, reports Kytja Weir of The Washington Examiner.  The bags are screened for hazardous materials using ionization technology and K-9 units, and do not need to be opened unless further inspection is necessary.  Interest groups have mounted opposition to the security measures, but several Metro riders referred to the process as "relatively painless" and not offensive.

Irony at its Finest:  AP reporter Robert Barr writes Julian Assange is complaining that someone improperly leaked a Swedish police report on his alleged sexual offenses.  Assange claimed to the British newspaper The Times that a rival newspaper, The Guardian, "selectively publish[ed]" parts of the report.   Assange also criticized the timing of the leak: "The leak of the police report to The Guardian was clearly designed to undermine my bail application.  It was timed to come up on the desk of the judge that morning."

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