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WikiLeaks Developments

Kevin Huffman on the WaPo's PostPartisan blog:

In his latest episode of jack-assery, Michael Moore has shelled out 20,000 pounds in bail money for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. As has been well chronicled, Assange is sitting in a London jail awaiting extradition to Sweden on rape charges. The Post reported this morning that Assange's attorney has decried the "Dickensian conditions" at his London jail, noting he is "kept in solitary confinement, maintained in a lone cell, denied a computer and permitted only heavily censored reading material."

I found this shocking, since I don't remember a single Dickens episode, not even Bleak House, in which the protagonist was denied a computer. Yet despite being confronted with a story of such abject cruelty as Internet-denial, I wasn't moved to write a check for 20 grand.
The word "jack-assery" is new to me, but I kind of like it.  Note that the check is actually over $30,000US.

In the National Law Journal, Leonard Orland of U. Conn. School of Law calls for DoJ to indict Assange for espionage.

AP reports that the Air Force has blocked the NYT site from its computers to prevent the viewing of classified information.  Huh?  "The New York Times Co. issued a statement in response to the action Tuesday, saying 'it is unfortunate that the U.S. Air Force has chosen not to allow its personnel access to information that virtually everyone else in the world can access.'"

Update:  AP reports, "The Berkeley City Council Tuesday night indefinitely delayed a vote on whether to bestow hero status on a soldier who allegedly released classified information to WikiLeaks.... 'Items like this are a huge distraction from what I feel like I was elected to do,' said Councilwoman Susan Wengraf."  Bingo.  City councils should make sure the potholes are filled and the garbage picked up.  Leave foreign and military affairs to the feds.

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