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A Half Apology

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The ex-Governator has apologized to the parents of Luis Santos for the "last minute nature" of his decision to commute the sentence of one of Luis's killers, who just by the wildest of coincidences happens to be the son of the former Speaker of the Assembly.  He does not apologize for the commutation itself.

Mr. Santos is also considering filing a lawsuit.  KNX in LA has this story and interview.  Such a suit would have nearly zero chance of success.  California's Victims Bill of Rights does contain a right to notice for victims of crime and the families of deceased victims.  However, executive clemency is not mentioned, and the courts are not about to read a restriction on the clemency power where it is not expressed.

1 Comment

The "fairness" nonsense shows up again. That an arguably more culpable co-defendant got a break is justification to lower well-deserved sentence? What kind of fuzzy thinking is that?

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