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Land of the Second Chance?

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From the SacBee's Capitol Alert blog:

Gov. Jerry Brown this afternoon defended his appointment of Bill Honig to the state Board of Education, saying the former state schools chief has "acquitted himself well" since being convicted of felony conflict-of-interest charges in 1993.
Now there is an interesting play on words.

In the same stroke, Gov. Brown has appointed the fox to guard the chicken house.  Another nominee is "Patricia Ann Rucker of Elk Grove, the legislative advocate for the California Teachers Association."

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This is a small but telling bit of evidence showing that, when California goes bankrupt, which will not be all that long in coming, the feds should refuse to bail it out.

If you want to live this way, don't expect your neighbors to relieve you of the predictable (and predicted) consequences of your behavior.

Californians recently elected Gov. Moonbeam knowing full well where it would lead. If they now dislike the impending bankruptcy, they can move (say, to Texas, as many of them seem to have done, according to the census).

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