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News Scan

Police Seek Shooting Suspect in Oregon:  Nigel Duara of the Associated Press reports that David Anthony Durham, 43, is suspected of shooting Lincoln City Police Officer Steven Dodds during a traffic stop before fleeing into the nearby woods.  Durham's records show a 1999 misdemeanor prostitution charge and citations for speeding in 2000.  According to family and friends, he had been acting strangely since he and his girlfriend ended their relationship.  Local schools have been closed while police search for the suspected shooter.

Troy Davis Seeks Another High Court Appeal:  The Associated Press reports that Georgia death row inmate Troy Anthony Davis is asking the Supreme Court to overrule a federal judge's decision that the additional evidence presented by Davis was not sufficient to disprove his guilt for murdering a police officer.  In 2009, the Supreme Court granted Davis' request for a hearing to review new evidence he claimed proved he was wrongly convicted of shooting Savannah Police Officer Mark MacPhail in 1989.  Eyewitnesses identified Davis as the shooter, but there was no physical evidence linking him to the crime.  His defense now argues that the federal judge denied them the opportunity to present witnesses who would have identified someone else as the murderer.  Since 2007, Davis has been spared from execution three times, and has become a cause-celebre among death penalty opponents.

Georgia Murderer Facing Execution:  Rhonda Cook of the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports how 27-year-old fitness instructor Julie Love's disappearance in 1988 received national attention after she ran out of gas and decided to walk home.  Now almost 23 years later, Emmanuel Fitzgerald Hammond is awaiting execution for Love's murder. Hammond, with his cousin and girlfriend, spotted Love as she was walking along a street in the Buckhead district, and asked Love if she needed a ride.  When she refused, Hammond got out of the car and hit her over the head.  After his cousin raped her, Hammond shot Love in the face with a shotgun and dumped her body.  Love was missing for over a year until Hammond's girlfriend, Janice Weldon, led investigators to her body.  Hammond is scheduled to die by lethal injection today. 

Florida looks to Texas for Advice on Cutting Prison Costs:  Bill Kaczor of the Associated Press reports that Florida is looking to Texas for help in cutting prison costs without appearing to be lenient on crime.  In 2007, Texas's strategy of putting low risk, non-violent offenders on probation and parole and providing rehabilitation programs in certain cases saved the state $2 billion in prison costs.

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