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Pot and Crime in the Bahamas

Celeste Nixon reports for The Tribune in the Bahamas:

CANNABIS abuse could be one of the factors behind the high rate of crime in the Bahamas, according to a local psychiatrist.

Dr Kirk Christie, of the Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre, said taking into account the disinhibiting effects of cannabis and the fact that its use is widespread, the drug could be fuelling deviant behaviour.

In a meeting with Social Service Hotline councillors yesterday, Dr Christie stressed the dangers of substance abuse, and in particular cannabis abuse.

He said the fact that cannabis is culturally and socially accepted, cheap and readily available in the Bahamas, encourages the false perception it is not a dangerous drug.

A bit of frolic and detour:

It's interesting to look at newspaper web sites from far away.  This one has a permanent tab at the top for "Hurricane."  The two most popular stories as of the time I viewed the site were "Call to end corporal punishment in schools" and "Man eaten by killer shark."

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