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Reporting the End of the World

Last evening upon my return home, I found on my doorstep a flyer claiming irrefutable Biblical proof that the world will end this coming May 21.  Seems like a good occasion to recall how different newspapers will report the end of the world:

WSJ:  World Ends: Dow off 5000, Gold Steady

NYT:  World Ends: Women and Minorities Hurt Most

Sporting News:  Series Canceled -- No World


I saw this story on a local TV news station last night. This post is hilarious. I'd like to add a suggestion with a more regional flavor from my neck of the woods:

Seattle Times: World Ends: Mayor Postpones Bicycle Awareness Parade

Also, as it so happens, May 21 is my birthday. Looks like I'll be having a heck of a party.

Thanks for the latest variation, notablogger.

I've heard several variations over the years, but never knew the actual origin. A correspondent fills us in by email:

How times change! That joke, by Calvin Trillin, originally poked fun at the New York Post, which was, at the time, long before the Murdoch days, considered to be a liberal rag. The punchline shows how long ago that was:

"Jews, negroes suffer most."

notablogger --

Congratulations on your upcoming 29th birthday.

Thanks Bill -- How did you know I was going to be 29? (smirk)

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